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The Child Smile has a unique tool so you can find the help you need at any time, the SOS 1056 National Telephone Line.

Line 1056 is:

  • Free (You can call from a mobile phone without units and from a prepaid phone without a calling card)

  • 24 hour daily (Whatever time and day you call they will answer you)

  • Anonymous   (The call is not recorded and you do not need to say your name)

In 1056 there are specialized social workers and psychologists who can provide a solution to any problem that concerns a child.

If something simple happens to you and you want to share it like a fight at school, a separation, stress about exams, a fight at home, call 1056.

If something serious happens to you, you accept domestic violence, bullying at school, your life is in danger, call 1056.

If you know another child that something is happening to him and you want to help him but you do not know how, call 1056 or urge him to call the same.


If you can not say it ... write!

If you feel more secure to chat via text, through the Chat 1056 application you can receive consulting services for any problem that concerns you. It works 24 hours a day for FREE from any phone, tablet pc or laptop.

Press the corresponding button on your device below to start the conversation

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