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"The Smile of the Child" was started by a 10-year-old child, Andreas Giannopoulos, who is a living example of the power of children's views and desires. "The Smile of the Child" gave the stage to students through YouSmile to unite their voices at the local school, national and European level, highlighting the spontaneity of the actions of volunteer students. More specifically, children have the opportunity to actively participate in volunteering activities defending their rights and helping children in need. The activities take place mainly during holidays and weekends so as not to burden the daily schedule of students. Also, the participation of children does not have to be fixed - they can choose when and where to come based on their mood and other responsibilities.

Next to the children volunteers are the specialized professionals of the Organization. YouSmile also has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education & Religions and its programs are approved by the Institute of Educational Policy. At the end of their participation, the children can be given a certificate of participation for their CV or for their studies.


YouSmile was created in 2012 and aims to students from all over Greece to participate voluntarily in activities of the Organization "The Smile of the Child" and to help children in need. Through the IEP-approved Educational Program "Becoming a Volunteer-Defending My Rights" children learn about volunteering, participate in volunteer activities themselves and have the opportunity if they wish to become regular volunteers of YouSmile and the Organization "The Lost child's". More than 29,000 students from more than 880 schools from all over Greece and abroad have participated in YouSmile.

Our vision is a world where the voices of children and young people will be heard and taken into account by adults and their creativity will be harnessed to highlight their rights and true abilities.

Volunteering Actions

Classification of basic necessities in the Child & Family Support Centers of the Organization

Pupils arrive during the morning school hours / Saturdays / during the Christmas and Easter holidays at one of our Support Centers (Maroussi / Nea Makri) and help with the classification of the essential items sent by the people, the schools and the companies in our Organization.


Making greeting cards

Students during the Christmas and Easter holidays create Christmas or Easter cards with wishes for the children who are treated in the pediatric hospitals of Greece.

Distribution of gifts at Children's Hospitals

The students arrive in the morning school hours in December and in the morning hours during the Easter holidays in the pediatric hospitals of Athens and distribute gifts to the children who are being treated.

Creative constructions in the Voluntary Creative Workshop

Pupils come to our Voluntary Creative Workshop (Agia Paraskevi) in the morning school hours / Saturdays / morning hours during the Christmas and Easter holidays and create ornaments, picks, candles and many other items sold in the bazaar and in the e- our shop to help all the children who need it.


Environmental Actions

In cooperation with the respective Municipality, actions for the environment are organized in places where there is an essential need as it is the duty of all of us to protect the planet.


Campaign Against Domestic Bullying (March 6)

On the School Day Against Domestic Bullying, March 6, students create and send their own messages against this phenomenon after a relevant call, and participate in the YouSmile information and awareness campaigns. The materials created by the children are posted on the website .

YouSmile Awards


Participation of students in the student competition approved by the IEP "YouSmile Awards".

The aim of the awards is to highlight the positive side of society through actions implemented by children throughout Greece individually or at school level.


Presentation of TV / radio shows

Pupils come to YouSmile during the morning school hours / weekends / Christmas and Easter holidays and videotape their own TV or radio show presenting topics they have prepared at school.

Application for volunteer participation

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